How one Texas apartment building is saving its residents from the heat

With temperatures soaring to the mid-40s in many parts of the nation, the hottest places in Texas are already experiencing extreme heat.

But for the past week, the Southland apartment complex on the outskirts of Austin has been hosting a party that allows residents to bathe, cook, and chill out.

The Southland’s resident, the chef Mike Gorman, who is in his early 50s, has been in the apartment for two decades.

He says he’s used to living in Austin, and he wants to continue to do so.

He’s also a fan of the heat.

“It’s a great way to keep me alive,” he said.

Gorman says the apartment is the coolest thing he’s ever lived in.

He also enjoys his job, which he says he does because of the weather.

But the apartment complex’s residents have also had to adjust to the hot weather.

“I’ve had a lot of anxiety in the past couple of weeks,” said resident Kelly Wicks.

“The heat is a little bit stressful.”

Gorman said the heat has made the experience even more intense, and some of the residents have lost some sleep because of it.

“My friends that live here have been in their own little world,” Gorman said.

“They haven’t slept a wink of sleep in the entire time that they’ve been here,” he added.

Greensville resident Jessica Crespo, who has lived in the building for more than 25 years, said the city has taken notice.

“This is a great place to live,” Crespos mother, Mary, said.

“I know the building, I know the residents, and I love it.”

The city has offered to pay for heat to be delivered to the apartment building by a company called Energex.

Gorman says they’ve also offered to donate money for residents to purchase new clothes.

“We’ve been trying to stay in touch with them,” he explained.

The city says the apartments can stay open as long as they keep their cool, but if it gets too hot, the residents will have to close.

The apartment complex says the residents are also taking part in the city’s summertime summer program.

Residents can go out to the park or bike to work.