Traffic semaphores, new for 2018, won’t come into effect until mid-November

A new policy that restricts the use of semaphors on traffic signals will come into force in early November.

The policy applies to new traffic signals, as well as traffic signals that have been in use for less than six months.

The rules also apply to signal control devices that are used for signal timing and timing controls.

Under the new rules, traffic semicons are permitted on signal control equipment only if they are installed within the required period of time and the equipment is equipped with the required signals and signals control device.

The change in traffic signal timing requirements will apply to all signal control systems in Metro Vancouver, the province said in a release.

The city says the rules will make the signals more predictable and easier to use.

Traffic signals will be able to run as long as they are equipped with all required signals, signal control device and equipment and the signal control system is working, the city said in the release.

It is not known how long the new regulations will last, but the city expects to implement the rules in late December or early January.

It will take a few months for the new signals to come into use.