What to know about a new Parma restaurant in the heart of Silicon Valley

A Parma, California restaurant is taking advantage of its tech-savvy reputation to open a second location on the city’s trendy downtown street.

The restaurant, called Semaphore, will be located at the corner of Valencia and Mission streets, which is a short walk from the famed Mission Dolores Marina.

There will be more than 100 seats, a bar and dining area, and a restaurant and cafe on the ground floor, according to a promotional video.

The restaurant will be owned by New York-based developer The Chardonnay Group, which will be leasing the space.

Semaphore has already taken in over $40 million in revenue since it opened in February, the company said.

It will be the second Silicon Valley restaurant to open in San Francisco’s trendy Mission district.

On Wednesday, the Chardonns posted a video showing a “virtual tour” of the new space, which features a coffee bar, baristas and outdoor seating.

Parma Mayor Greg Harris said the new restaurant would provide more than 400 jobs for the city, with more than 60 of those coming in the next few years.

“We are excited to be a part of the next chapter of the San Francisco community,” Harris said in a statement.

Last week, The Chaconnay announced plans to build a new office building in Mission.