When you’re eating in, you need to order the most expensive food at the best restaurant in town: A study

The average person in Australia eats at two restaurants a week, according to a study from the University of New South Wales.

In contrast, the average person eats at just one restaurant a week.

The study found that in Australia, there are more than 1,400 restaurants.

The most popular restaurant in Sydney is the iconic Barangaroo, with an average of three people eating there.

The least popular restaurant is the old-school ‘dockers’, with a single person eating there, with two people eating at the bar and one person at the front of the bar.

The average number of diners a restaurant serves per person is one.

The number of people who get a meal is similar across all restaurants.

Restaurants tend to serve different types of food and often have different menus, and many don’t have any cash registers.

Restaurant owner Tom Wetherill says that while his restaurants don’t sell alcohol, he does sell the drinks on the premises.

He says that the drinks have a lot of flavours and are a lot more expensive than the drinks sold at the store.

“We can’t be really clear because we don’t really want to be too strict,” he says.

“But in general we sell a lot higher-end drinks.

We don’t want to make our customers feel like they’re going to go to the pub and have a drink.”

Restaurants often serve a variety of meals, and some customers are likely to choose a restaurant with an extensive menu.

For example, Barangaroos in Sydney have a selection of burgers, steak and fish, along with a variety to go with the burgers.

“It’s quite unusual,” Wetherills says.

He believes the average Australian spends around $600 on a meal, which includes food and drinks.

WetherILL SAYS ‘WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T EAT THE MOST EXPENSIVE FOOD’ ‘WE HAVE AN EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE’ Wetherilling says he’s had a number of complaints about people eating out too often.

“People just don’t go to that restaurant that often,” he said.

“I think if we had the choice of ordering a burger every night, it would be a very hard decision.”

The average Australian eats just one meal at the restaurant each week, and the average number and amount of people ordering food is also similar across restaurants.

Witherills said it’s not unusual for a restaurant to get 10-15 per cent more orders than the average customer.

“A lot of the time, it’s a matter of ‘how many people can I get there before it’s too late?'”

Wetherins says.

The restaurant industry is growing, but it’s still growing at a slower rate than the rest of Australia’s food and beverage industry.

Withering business from overseas and a lack of competition in the region’s fast food sector mean Australian restaurant prices have been rising, and it’s estimated that the average Sydney restaurant is now worth more than $2 million.

“You’re probably going to pay a lot less if you’re going into an Australian restaurant than if you were to go into an American restaurant,” Witherill said.