Adelaide semaphores, bakery jobs ‘could be lost’ if bid to relocate to Sydney fails

Adelaide’s semaphoretic bakery, which employs more than 60 people, has applied to the state government for a permit to move from Adelaide to Sydney.

The Adelaide Food and Grocery Workers Union (AFWU) has also asked the state Government to consider the need to have a strong presence at the site to ensure it’s not left with no option other than to close, ABC Adelaide reported.

The SA Government has not yet responded to the AFWU’s request.

The semaphORE bakery is located in the Adelaide CBD, about an hour’s drive north of Adelaide’s CBD.

It is located next to the Semaphore Hotel, which is owned by the South Australian Government.

Its owner, Mr John McConkie, told the ABC he was not considering any relocation, as it was a matter for the SA Government to decide.

“We have a lease agreement with the SA government for the site,” he said.

“I’m sure we will work out a plan with them.”

Mr McConky said it was not in the interests of his company to leave the site, which was “very well paid”.

“We’re in a good position, and we’re in good hands,” he told the Australian.

The city’s semipro food service industry employs more people than the Adelaide City Council’s food service sector, the council said in a statement.

“This is a major economic asset and we are committed to ensuring that our businesses are able to continue to operate here in Adelaide,” it said.AAP/ABC