How to Create the Right Style Icon and Share It in Instagram: The Secret to Getting Your Instagram Stories to Stand Out

It’s hard to think of any Instagram experience that’s more Instagram-inspired than Instagram’s new “semiaphore” icon, but that’s precisely what it is.

For starters, it’s got a semi-circle design around the icon that makes it look like it’s floating around your feed.

Then, you can click it to launch the app’s main section: a small, flat version of the app that can be used to add captions and filters to your posts.

These can range from a short description of what’s going on in your feed to the exact moment your feed became famous (like when you shared a pic of a friend’s dog on Instagram and saw it go viral).

As you add more and more features to your feed, these “seminaphores” can get more and better, making it easier for your followers to see what’s new in your feeds and what’s popular.

And with a single click, you’ve got all the Instagram-style icons you need to create a custom feed icon with a simple icon, like the one below.