‘I don’t feel comfortable’: Lionel Semaphore gets into the house

With the housing market so sensitive to supply, Semaphores, which has about 400 employees in Australia, will not be able to sell its units to other developers.

But the company has a new customer for its new home in Brisbane: a home built in a different country.

Semaphore has acquired the house from Australian developer, Landmark Homes, in a deal worth more than $500,000.

The deal was brokered by Semaphor chief executive and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has promised to support the company’s new home and its future expansion.

The property will be a home for Mr Abbott’s three children.

The company said the purchase would give the company “a permanent home” to its workers in Brisbane.

“We’re proud of the Australian housing market, and we want to be a part of it,” Mr Semaphone said.

Mr Semaphones statement was released after a meeting with Mr Abbott at the Brisbane office of Landmark, which is in the process of buying the house.

“The Australian housing supply is in dire straits,” Mr Abbott said.

“We will work with the company to ensure the company continues to operate as normal and that the Australian market can recover.”

Landmark Homes said it has been in negotiations with Semaphora for months, but that Mr Semphore is not the company that is bidding on the property.

“It’s a matter for Landmark and the company,” Mr Landmark said.

The ABC has contacted Landmark for a comment.