The most egregious violations of the NFL’s new concussions protocol in 2018

NFLPA head of player personnel Joe Lockhart speaks during a press conference on the league’s proposed rule change to allow players to seek an exemption to the NFLPA’s new rules on head injuries in a press briefing in New York, U.S., March 4, 2019.

Lockhart said players can now seek the exemption, a move that is expected to boost the number of players who will seek an expedited process to return to the field.

NFLPA president Eric Winston speaks at a news conference on March 4 in New Jersey.

Winston also said that the league is exploring other options for compensatory compensation.

Lockhardt said the NFL was not making any additional changes to the protocol that would allow players in 2018 to return, though he did say that the NFL had been working on a new rule change.

The NFL has also been exploring other opportunities for players to return for 2017, Lockhart added.