‘Semaphore’ flags on parade at Tokyo Olympics

Japan’s Olympic bid committee says it will display flags on the sidelines of the Tokyo Games as part of the bid’s “Semaphores for the Olympics” campaign, including the symbol for the country’s national team, which was removed by the country earlier this month.

The flag was displayed last week during the opening ceremony of the games in Tokyo.

The bid committee said in a statement on Friday that the flag would be displayed at the stadium and that the symbol will be displayed during the ceremony of opening ceremonies.

The Olympic flag was removed on Sept. 25, and the Olympic team is expected to participate in the 2020 games.

The IOC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter.

The IOC has already banned the use of the flag during the games.

However, the flag was not removed during the ceremonies at Tokyo Dome.

The country’s bid committee has also announced plans to replace the flag with the flag of the country with the lowest population in Asia, which has about 30 million people.

The bid committee will also display the flag at the end of the first leg of the men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball matches, in which Japan will face Russia in a quarterfinal game.

The team will be accompanied by the flag for the medal ceremony.

The Olympic flag is currently displayed in Beijing’s Olympic Park and at other stadiums, including those of Russia and South Korea, as well as at the Olympic Stadium in Munich.