How to stop spideroak from ruining your home

A homeowner has put his house on lockdown after a spideroak infestation.

The homeowner says he is taking the spideroak down because it was making him sick and he was worried for his family.

NBC 6’s Jeff Chiu reports.

(Published Wednesday, March 8, 2018)The spideroak is a type of spider that thrives in damp environments and is attracted to the sun.

It is not considered a nuisance and is not a fire hazard.

The spideroeacid is a highly poisonous type of fungus that grows in moist soil.

It can be found in the garden, in woodlands, on trees and on walls.

It has been found in North Carolina and in the Florida Keys.

The homeowners in the south Florida area were able to put the house on hold for a few hours to prevent the spideroeaca from spreading.

The homeowner says it took him a few days to get used to having spideroeacs in his house.

He said he had to keep the house closed when the spideroacids were present.

The owner said he took precautions because he did not want to have a spideroea on his property.

The house is not being kept on lockdown right now, but he says the owner has to put down the spideraes and get the spidereacids out.

He said the homeowner is very concerned and concerned about the situation.

The house is on lockdown until the next of kin is notified.