When are the NFL’s flags becoming semaphores?

When are all the NFL flags becoming semi-precious semaphoric?

That is the question being raised by many NFL players who are asking whether the league should be doing away with its flags.

Some players are arguing that the NFL should start using semaphors, rather than flags, and not just for flag football.

They say flags are more easily read and have more meaning than semaphoras, and flags are meant to convey a specific message.

Other players say the flags should stay, and instead of the semaphor, be used to show the names of players who have been suspended or fined by the league.

They are also concerned that flag football may become more competitive.

In a letter sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday, players and fans expressed concern over the league’s flag policy.

The letter stated, “We strongly object to the NFL suspending any player or any player’s family members or friends based on a flag or an actual flag or semaphorous flag.

The league should not be using these symbols as a tool to manipulate the game of football or to disparage any player.

It should instead continue to use the flags as an important means of communicating the importance of the game to our nation.

We strongly support the right of the NFL to honor our players and our fans and respect the integrity of our game.

We encourage the league to continue to honor and celebrate the values of our profession and the values that make this game great.”

The letter also said it was “disappointed” that the league is using flags for flag and flag football games.

The NFL has not issued any official policy for flag games, but many players are calling for the league and the players union to issue such a policy.