Indonesia to increase fishing zone around oil and gas exploration wells in South Sumatra

By STEPHANIE SANDERSMASANAPISMAN/AFP/Getty Images A fishing zone has been established around an oil and mineral exploration well in South East Indonesia that the government says is a vital part of protecting the country’s environment and its marine life.

The move follows an investigation that found the area near the town of Jomhoor is an important fishing site, and has been designated as a marine reserve.

The ministry of the environment and fisheries said the newly established zone will protect the marine life of the area and its biodiversity, including the species of fish.

“The area in question has been selected as a vital fishery area to preserve the species biodiversity and ecosystem that exist in this region, the ministry said in a statement.”

In the past, we have established marine reserves in South-East Sumatra and we will continue to do so,” the ministry added.

The government is also looking to increase the amount of protected areas that are available for oil and natural gas exploration in the area, according to Reuters.”

As a precautionary measure, we will extend the area that is protected by the new marine reserve to allow us to explore further,” the statement said.