How to get the best bang for your buck in the best job market in the world

As a Singaporean expat, I have to tell you, it is hard to imagine Singapore without the Semaphore Postcode.

The postcode has been a huge asset in the economy for decades.

Now, its time to look at the postcode’s growth trajectory and see what can be done to boost it.

What is the postcodes main job market?

The Singapore postcodes job market is dominated by those who work for large companies and are highly educated.

As a result, the job market for these professionals is booming, with companies looking to hire them for top-level positions.

There are a number of ways to earn a salary in the post code.

The most popular are: 1.

Work as a Senior Manager – a Senior manager is the top-ranking position in a company, often with a lot of responsibility.

This position has a salary and benefits package, and usually includes a bonus for success.


Become a Consultant – a consultant is a specialist in a field that has a significant impact on the economy, and is paid very well.


Become an Engineer – the same as a consultant, but engineers can be hired for high-level jobs such as building maintenance or project management.


Become the Head of a company – a top-ranked position within a company.


Become part of a marketing department – the most common role in the company.


Become its president – a CEO is the head of the company, responsible for the entire management structure and overall strategy.


Become another senior executive – a senior executive is a senior person who has a lot more power than an ordinary executive, and they can be considered as the head in charge of a large company.


Become someone else’s president – another senior officer is a person who is a regular employee of a big company, and has a similar level of power to a CEO.


Become General Manager – General managers have very little power, and are usually not allowed to work in their own company.

They work for a company that they are working for, and typically get a salary that is much higher than what they earn in their home country.


Become Head of an NGO – a Head of An NGO is an employee of the government or other organisations, who is paid an average salary of $180,000 per year.


Become CEO of a multinational company – As an executive in a multinational firm, you can be paid $1.4 million per year, but you will also be working for a government agency.


Become Senior Advisor to a major foreign corporation – This is a top ranking position within the corporation, and can be very lucrative.


Become head of an international NGO – As the head, you will be a senior employee of an organisation that is doing great work in developing a country.


Become chief executive of a small business – As a chief executive, you are responsible for developing a company and will be paid much higher salaries.


Become President of a country – A President of the country is the highest level of government position in the country, and you can earn much more than a CEO of an American corporation.


Become president of a private company – You can be a private sector executive who works for a private entity, and earn much less.


Become Chief Executive Officer of a non-profit organisation – As Chief Executive Officers of non-profits, they can work for non-government organisations that have a large impact on society.


Become Chairman of a corporation – The CEO of your company, who will oversee and run your company as a whole, will earn much higher pay.


Become chairman of a state-owned corporation – A state-controlled corporation will be run by the government and will have a very similar structure to a company owned by the people.


Become vice chairman of the board of directors of a public company – In a public corporation, the CEO will be responsible for running the company and its operations.


Become board member of a charitable organisation – A charitable organisation is a group of people that has worked together in good faith and are trying to help people, often through their work in the health sector.


Become chair of a business incubator – A business incubation is a venture capital firm, which has been set up to invest in new businesses that have potential.


Become secretary general of a trade union – As secretary general, you have a lot greater power than the president of your country’s national union, and therefore will be able to demand a higher salary from the company that you work for.


Become director general of an educational institution – As director general, your responsibility is to run an educational organisation, which can have a huge impact on education in Singapore.


Become associate general manager of a telecommunications company – Your