What are you going to do with all this sand?

A sand storm has devastated the island of Java, causing heavy damage to buildings, roads and infrastructure.

Temperatures have reached 36 degrees Celsius in Java’s capital, Jalan Samut.

The sandstorm, dubbed the “Sandstorm of the Century”, has left roads and other infrastructure completely destroyed and left people stranded on the island.

“I just don’t think the government has the will to deal with this,” said Nabi Gedeh, a fisherman who lives on the south coast of Java.

“We can’t do anything, we can’t move, we cannot even walk.

I’m not going to go fishing because I know there are people on the beach who are not going fishing.

I don’t even know if we can eat at all.”

He said his life would be completely destroyed if the sandstorm continued.

“It’s like we’re being bombed, and we don’t know what’s happening, we don- t know how to react,” he said.

Tempers have frayed in the city of Semaphore, where hundreds of businesses have been damaged.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDF) said the sand storm caused heavy damage on the city’s main highway.

“There are still some people trapped on the streets and roads,” NDF spokesman Alireza Hameed said.

“The road has collapsed, it is not going back yet.

The people are trapped in their houses.”

He described the situation as “catastrophic” and said the NDF was monitoring the situation.

“But we need to have a very serious look at what is happening in the country,” he added.

Jalan Samotra, which has about 40,000 people, is one of the poorest parts of the country and is often the scene of social unrest.

Some 1,000 protesters have been detained by police in recent days.

The protests have been fuelled by economic frustrations, with unemployment in Java climbing to 25 percent, the highest in Indonesia.

Thousands of people are protesting against the government, which was forced to sack the country’s prime minister, Joko Widodo, after a wave of anti-government protests in the first half of the year.

Jakarta has been rocked by demonstrations since late 2015 when the military overthrew the government after mass protests.

More than 600 people have been killed in the protests.