When a woman is raped, it’s a man’s job to get the word out, not a woman’s

The first step for the victim to get support is to identify the perpetrator and the crimes they’ve committed.

If she can identify them and get the support to go to a place of safety and take care of them, the rest will follow.

If not, she needs to talk to her doctor about whether she needs a therapist, an alcohol or drug rehab center or other help.

Rape is the crime of someone who is sexually abusing someone.

The crime of sexual assault is when a person does something that violates someone’s sexual integrity, such as touching, kissing or touching someone inappropriately.

Women who experience rape or sexual assault in college should speak to a university counselor or a law enforcement officer or someone who knows them.

There is a wide range of support available, from counseling, to counseling and drug or alcohol treatment, to a hospitalization, to emergency shelter.

If a person is not safe or has a serious condition, a person who knows a victim should contact police.