US court rejects Indian bid to ban Trump hotel

US District Judge Mark Goldsmith has denied the Indian government’s bid to block President Donald Trump’s controversial plans to construct a hotel and golf course in the state of New Jersey, an appellate court has ruled.

A New Jersey court found that the Indian Government’s application for a temporary restraining order to stop the project is based on a “substantial and genuine” lack of evidence.

The US District Court in New York said the Government failed to show “the requisite nexus” between the proposed hotel and the proposed course and said it did not show that the Trump Organisation, as a company, had violated the United States Constitution.

A decision is expected in the coming days.

In January, the US Congress passed a law that would prohibit the construction of Trump properties anywhere in the country.

It had imposed the prohibition after Trump signed an executive order in April 2016 that sought to build a new golf course and hotel in the city of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The law has sparked protests from residents and business owners, who say the project would be detrimental to local communities.